The Line Between Self-Care and Selfish

Have you ever wanted to do something for yourself but you didn’t because you felt like you were being selfish? Or maybe you did do something for yourself but you felt guilty before or after. It’s a common misconception that doing something to better yourself is selfish.

As humans, we are taught to care for others. We are expected to give our all to our children and partners, or so it feels based on societal pressures. Women are biologically wired to nurture. Men are expected to provide. Although society seems to be slowly breaking away from the expectation that men are responsible for fully providing for their families, it is still very prevalent. The question is, how can you give someone your all when you aren’t maintaining yourself?

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A Light After Darkness

“HELP! Somebody help me!” I screamed over and over and over but no one was listening. The black closed in around me and it was getting harder to breathe. My hands clawed frantically at the cold, wet darkness. I was getting no where. Why wasn’t anyone helping me? I could feel the weight crushing down on me. My chest hurt and I was getting tired. Can I get myself out of this? Will I survive?Read More »