The Universe’s Pull

I’ve always been a spiritual person. Not in like a God type of way. I believe in energy and that everything happens for a reason. I go through phases where I’m very into the spiritual world and other times I’m not so much.

photo of night sky
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Recently, I’ve felt this pull. I didn’t know what it was but it just felt like I needed to be doing something that I wasn’t doing and that I could be a much better person if I just invested in myself. I decided I wanted to write. Not just any writing though, I wanted prompts but I just couldn’t find the right journal that had the right writing prompts.

I saw something about mindfulness. I didn’t really know what mindfulness was but it just felt right. So, I passively began looking for a mindfulness journal. Then one day, I was at Target and I was drawn to the cover of some book. The book looked interesting but I didn’t even pay enough attention to read the title. I moved on to the Harry Potter books because duh… It’s Harry Potter! I grab this totally awesome Potter book and moved on. Again, this other book catches my eye and at the same time my husband goes “Oh, you should get that one!” and points at the same book. At this point, I finally pick it up and read the title.Read More »