The Universe’s Pull

I’ve always been a spiritual person. Not in like a God type of way. I believe in energy and that everything happens for a reason. I go through phases where I’m very into the spiritual world and other times I’m not so much.

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Recently, I’ve felt this pull. I didn’t know what it was but it just felt like I needed to be doing something that I wasn’t doing and that I could be a much better person if I just invested in myself. I decided I wanted to write. Not just any writing though, I wanted prompts but I just couldn’t find the right journal that had the right writing prompts.

I saw something about mindfulness. I didn’t really know what mindfulness was but it just felt right. So, I passively began looking for a mindfulness journal. Then one day, I was at Target and I was drawn to the cover of some book. The book looked interesting but I didn’t even pay enough attention to read the title. I moved on to the Harry Potter books because duh… It’s Harry Potter! I grab this totally awesome Potter book and moved on. Again, this other book catches my eye and at the same time my husband goes “Oh, you should get that one!” and points at the same book. At this point, I finally pick it up and read the title.

“The Book That Takes It’s Time.” 

I flip through it and it’s pretty cool but Harry Potter always wins (and was cheaper) so I put it back and left. For days after that, I had this feeling that I should have got that book! Why didn’t I just get the book?! I couldn’t get it off my mind. My husband told me to just order the book on Amazon. When I pulled it up on Amazon, I was stunned. There was more to the title than I had seen in the store.

“The Book That Takes It’s Time. An Unhurried Adventure in Creative Mindfulness.”

WHAT?! It’s literally what I had been looking for for weeks! It was perfect and it was $5 cheaper on Amazon! Two days later (thanks Prime!), I have the book in my hands. I couldn’t wait to get started on it but of course, adulting comes first. ugh!

That night, I started reading. The first two articles had me in tears. It was precisely the things I needed to hear at exactly that moment.

“Don’t binge on things you like.”

“Take your time. Enjoy.”

“Pay attention to the things around you.”

It was perfect. It was like it was written just for me. It was everything I was craving and needed to hear but didn’t know I needed it. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!

A week or so after receiving the book, I was driving home from work and got this very strong urge to listen to a podcast. Not just any podcast, I wanted something that was going to help me improve myself. Mindfulness would be ideal but I was open to whatever I found. I searched “Mindfulness” in the podcast section and tapped the first one that looked interesting. I listened for a bit but I just wasn’t feeling it. I tapped another one that looked pretty cool. Same thing, I listed for a bit, it was interesting but something just told me it wasn’t the one. I then saw one titled “Mind Love” and I heard this voice say “pick that one.” With me being mindful and all now, I of course listened to the voice and clicked that one.

The first episode I heard was on something called Holotropic Breathing. Let me just say… WHERE HAS THIS BEEN MY WHOLE LIFE?! I felt that feeling in my gut when I heard the explanation of Holotropic Breathing. You know that feeling where something just feels right. Like you and that thing are connected by a string in your gut, kinda like in Donny Darko, that weird little tube thing. Where it just feels like that thing is your calling. That you NEED to try it. Yeah, that’s me with Holotropic Breath Work.

I went straight home and did some research to find local classes. I then found a link to be a facilitator (what they call a Holotropic Breath Work teacher). The website literally said “If you feel like Holotropic Breath Work is your calling, it’s because it is.”

HOLY FUCKING BALLS! How is this all happening?! Everything is just like a puzzle piece, falling into place, one piece at a time. One day I was depressed and anxious and the next I’m just beaming with positivity because everything seems to be falling into it’s perfect little place.

So, this makes me think… Was this all brought to me for a specific reason from the universe? or did I manifest this all by putting my needs out there and being open to receiving what I required? Is it the planets? Am I in the midst of a Quantum Shift?

Have you had any experiences like this? Share them in the comments below!

Stay Wild!

Skaddi Moon

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