Positivity and Your Emotions

I’m sure we’ve all heard of optimism, positivity, or have been told to stop thinking negatively. It’s kind of all over the place right now. I guess you could say we’re in the midst of a positivity movement. I know any time I log into Instagram, there’s always at least one quote about being positive or keeping a positive mindset. I personally think it’s great! Positivity has many benefits for both mental and physical health; however, it is important to remember that we should not ignore our emotions. There are ways to stay positive while still acknowledging our more negative emotions such as sadness and anger.

As I said, positive thinking causes a range of health benefits both psychologically and physiologically. One of the more obvious effects is less stress. When you think positively, it is easier to cope with stress and work through it in a healthy way. According to Mayoclinic.org, some of the other effects of positive thinking is:Read More »

An Empaths Guide to Taking Control

If you’re an empath like myself, you probably know how difficult it can be at times. It can be hard to determine what emotions belong to you and what is being absorbed from someone else. Even if you do know which emotions are yours and which are coming from someone else, it can be hard to separate those emotions if you don’t learn the proper techniques.

For most of my life, I didn’t know what an empath was, let alone that I was one. I always had strong emotions and felt the same emotions as those around me. I thought it was normal and everyone was the same. It wasn’t until the end of my teenage years that I first realized that I was an empath.

If you don’t know what an empath is, let me explain. An empath is a person who is hypersensitive to other peoples emotions. Empaths can feel the emotions of others on a deeper level than what the other person may be externally portraying. There are different theories as to what makes a person an empath. I believe empaths are just born more sensitive to the vibrations and frequencies of their surrounding. This would explain why an empath can train themselves to tune out these frequencies and why non-empaths can train themselves to become more naturally empathic.

If any of that sounds familiar to you, you may be an empath. The next step after finding out you’re an empath is to learn ways to tune out other peoples emotions that you do not want to take on and to keep people from draining your energy. Before I go into the techniques I use, lets talk about energy draining real quick.
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The Line Between Self-Care and Selfish

Have you ever wanted to do something for yourself but you didn’t because you felt like you were being selfish? Or maybe you did do something for yourself but you felt guilty before or after. It’s a common misconception that doing something to better yourself is selfish.

As humans, we are taught to care for others. We are expected to give our all to our children and partners, or so it feels based on societal pressures. Women are biologically wired to nurture. Men are expected to provide. Although society seems to be slowly breaking away from the expectation that men are responsible for fully providing for their families, it is still very prevalent. The question is, how can you give someone your all when you aren’t maintaining yourself?

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A Light After Darkness

“HELP! Somebody help me!” I screamed over and over and over but no one was listening. The black closed in around me and it was getting harder to breathe. My hands clawed frantically at the cold, wet darkness. I was getting no where. Why wasn’t anyone helping me? I could feel the weight crushing down on me. My chest hurt and I was getting tired. Can I get myself out of this? Will I survive?Read More »

The Universe’s Pull

I’ve always been a spiritual person. Not in like a God type of way. I believe in energy and that everything happens for a reason. I go through phases where I’m very into the spiritual world and other times I’m not so much.

photo of night sky
Photo by faaiq ackmerd on Pexels.com

Recently, I’ve felt this pull. I didn’t know what it was but it just felt like I needed to be doing something that I wasn’t doing and that I could be a much better person if I just invested in myself. I decided I wanted to write. Not just any writing though, I wanted prompts but I just couldn’t find the right journal that had the right writing prompts.

I saw something about mindfulness. I didn’t really know what mindfulness was but it just felt right. So, I passively began looking for a mindfulness journal. Then one day, I was at Target and I was drawn to the cover of some book. The book looked interesting but I didn’t even pay enough attention to read the title. I moved on to the Harry Potter books because duh… It’s Harry Potter! I grab this totally awesome Potter book and moved on. Again, this other book catches my eye and at the same time my husband goes “Oh, you should get that one!” and points at the same book. At this point, I finally pick it up and read the title.Read More »